Step 2 Toys Kitchen - Toys For Boys Age 10.

Step 2 Toys Kitchen

step 2 toys kitchen

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    step 2
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This weekend we had a lot of my step-dad's family over at my house and all of our cats react differently. Sabastian doesn't care and continues sleeping. Storm runs and stays hidden until the people leave. Sammi hides but slowly comes back out to investigate. And then there is Sabrina.

Now Sabrina looks like she is hiding here. But in reality she's hunting. She is not a nice cat. She is accepting of a select few of my friends, my step-dad, my mom, and me. Everyone beyond that is perfectly subject to her evilness. This includes my brother who lived at home when we first got her. She doesn't care. She hates him.

Everyone who she hates wishes she would hide because with four black cats you get easily confused and often reach thinking it is Sabastian and get an ear full. In reality Sabrina is the cat that when people talk about hating cats, they met one like her. She lays around the house in the open giving them her innocent eyes in a place that screams for her to be touched. And how does Sabrina react when the people she seduced touch her? Well if they didn't let her sniff them and just went in for the pet she jumps up and glares at them with a look saying "do it again, see how far you get." Normally people ignore her look and "do it again." At which point she lets out a vicious hiss, slaps their hand, and runs a few feet away. If they were good cat people and let her sniff first, chances are they still recieve a hiss and slap.

So I do what any good host does, I place her in my room. Sabrina is a good kitty who loves me and is more then happy to stay in my room lounging on the bed so there is no need to get up and move back into the kitchen and living room where strangers are. But it can be quite entertaining when little kids who like to run in my room when I'm not in there to protect them.

My "neice" who is 2 and a half lost a toy into the abyss that is my bedroom. She walked half way into my room trying to decide if she could get it. The lights were off, but Ella could still see Sabrina's dark form laying on my bed. Poor kid looked like she had seen a ghost and took off running back to her mother saying she wanted her toy (which was really Bello's). Her mom went with her and turned on the lights. Ella, growing confident with her mother by her side went in and immediately tried to pet Sabrina. Sabrina, not caring about age and fed up with people smacked her before she made it. Her hiss scared everyone around my room.

Meanwhile I'm sitting in the kitchen eating my late dinner because I had to work laughing hysterically to myself watching this unfold. Sabrina doesn't have claws and I know she never bites so the only thing Ella learned was healthy respect for animals (and a dash more of fear). Plus, Sabrina kept my room clear of kids the rest of the weekend. No one dared go in there and I heard a lot of "that's the mean cat" comments when people passed by the door. Keeping the door closed keeps no one out of my bedroom. But place a black cat on the corner of my bed and you have a nice way to keep relatives out of your room when trying to relax.

I quite like my cat. I went into her after everyone had scrambled out of my room when she had hit Ella. She climbed into my lap purring. <3

14-2-09 emma puts pooh bear on the stove 4x6 72dpi

14-2-09 emma puts pooh bear on the stove 4x6 72dpi

After two weeks of not being able to play with her stuffed Pooh Bear, Emma wouldn't leave him alone. Here she is putting him on the stove of her play kitchen. She left him there while she made some pretend tea, hehe.

Since she discovered that the plastic step could be used to get that little bit higher, she's been carrying it ALL OVER THE HOUSE and testing it everywhere to see what else she can get into.

step 2 toys kitchen

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