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Indoor Flying Toys

indoor flying toys

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Enjoying indoor heli flight

Enjoying indoor heli flight

Taking this photo was a handful. Controller in the left hand, camera with flash (indirect) in the right hand, and keep that thing hovering as possible. Took a few tries.

Starting off, the heli tended to pull away to the left and sailed into obstacles before it got altitude. I attached a 2mm piece of plastic under the left skid (white in this image). Now it takes off straight. The clear tape on the tail slows down its forward motion and counteracts a tendency to turn. Now it is fun to fly, within its design limits. Since there is no fore/aft control, only left/right and up/down, landing on a table is hit or miss.

"Ran Out of Sky"

"Ran Out of Sky"

During our visit to my parent's home this afternoon, I was shown the unfortunate demise of Dad's newest indoor-flying-machine - a "DeHaviland DH-2".

Hand made, detailed and painted, the aeroplane is about 90cm across its wingspan and from tip to tail. Compact and light as a feather!

We recreated the scene, (the backdrop has the long-end of the table-cloth up the piano), positioned the remains, and I shot every possible angle.
These four images made the final cut. "There's life in the old bird yet!"

indoor flying toys

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